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Things To Do If You Are Buying a Used Car

Things To Do If You Are Buying a Used Car


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Thank you for checking out our post on things to do when buying a used car!  If you ever have any questions about our vehicles, or about car shopping in general, please give us a call!  You can also use the contact form available on every vehicle’s listing page.  Test drive your prospective vehicle on the highway and an exceptionally curvy road, one that requires you to turn the steering wheel. Take note of any oddness in the drive-ability. Test out the brakes and listen for any abnormal noise, shaking, or veering. The higher speeds available on the highway will allow you to test out the motor, transmission, and engine’s high-speed operation.

If it is leaking engine fluids, that is a definite sign that it will definitely need repair work done.
Park the car on a clean spot in a vehicle parking lot and let it run for a minute. Then move the car and look for leaked fluids. If the leaking fluids are of the colors below, then they correspond to the related chemicals:

Pink – Transmission Fluid
Green – Antifreeze
Black – Motor Oil

Conduct your own research by reading various reviews written by previous consumers about the model you are interested in. You might find out some things you didn’t know previously that will affect your final decision. Your research should include several price comparisons as well.
Have the car inspected by a mechanic. However costly it may be, there may some uncovered problems that only they can illuminate which will prove whether your potential purchase is potentially worth it.

Additionally, make sure to purchase a certified pre-owned car if possibly because it gives a layer of quality assurance and protection. Don’t buy too quickly, as you can jump to purchase something you will regret later.

Finally, Request a Vehicle History Report from CARFAX and decode the VIN using an online VIN decoder chart. The Vehicle History provides detailed information from an extremely large database of vehicles related to accidents, vehicle service, and ownership history. The VIN decoder will tell you whether or not the seller has cloned a Vehicle Identification Number from another vehicle and is trying to sell you a stolen car.

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